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Our Payment Processor Problems

June 01, 2019 1 min read

Despite the mounting clinical evidence pointing towards cannabis' use as a therapeutic substance, the current legal reality of federal law is that the DEA erroneously claims that marijuana has no medical value and a high potential for abuse. Despite the DEA's backward policy, millions are starting to adopt CBD, seeing tangible benefits with its use. This strange paradox can make working in the CBD industry challenging. One such problem is finding a payment processor who would be willing to accept funds on your behalf. 

At Health Pack, we aim to bring potentially game-changing CBD solutions to communities who are not current marijuana users and normalize the conversation around CBD. Despite our intentions, we have struggled to find a credit card processor to that fits our needs, many charging as high as 10% on every sale, with waiting periods up to 90 days before funds are transferred.

As we continue to search and negotiate, we are happy to accept orders via email, using our personal PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash accounts as a workarounds.

For the time being, order by simply sending the URLs of the products you would like to purchase along with the amount to We will put together a custom order and send you additional payment details thereafter.

Thank you for your patience as we grow through the hurdle.