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Calm Drink Mix

Tackle stress with water soluble CBD that works in seconds.
Formulated with time tested ingredients such as lavender and passion flower to enhance the CBD experience.


  • Containing 7.5mg of water suspended CBD, Aceso’s single serving drink packs stand out for their high bioavailability (5-10x greater than oil) and fast acting effects, working their magic in as little as 30 seconds. Formulated with lavender, grapefruit, and passionflower extracts the Calm formulation is perfect for reducing nervousness and enhancing relaxation. Portable and convenient, just empty your sachet into 4-6oz of water and enjoy the uniquely floral effervescent flavor.
  • Formulated with Extracts of:
    • Linalool (from Lavender)
    • Limonene (from Grapefruit)
    • Passiflora (from Passionflower)

    About The Brand
    AcesoLogoNamed after the Greek goddess of healing, Aceso was founded on the belief that “nature holds the key to wellness.” Their unique proprietary hemp infused formulas have become some of our favorite CBD products to date, combining natural plant extracts—like turmeric and lavender, with cutting edge advancements in water soluble CBD technology that allows you to feel he benefits of CBD in seconds.

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