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KY Hemp Goods

Comfy Bears

Who says supplements can’t be fun?
These isolate-based gummies make engaging your endo-cannabanoid system an indulgence.

  • As the saying goes, a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down... luckily in this case it’s just a supplement, and less than a teaspoon.

    Produced from hemp grown in our fair state of Kentucky, these gummies are formulated with an isolate that may impact some people differently than other full-spectrum offerings in the pack. As an added perk, these gummies (and isolate based products in general) are less likely to trigger a false positive in a drug test.†



  • About The Brand

    KY Hemp GoodsKY Hemp Goods (AKA 50 Shades of Green) are a relatively new company, focused on making value priced edibles, primarily from CBD isolates. They caught our attention for their affordable pricing, Kentucky roots, and wide selection of high-potency confections.

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