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Up and Moving CBD Pet Supplement

Back and hip problems are not inevitable.
These soft chews give your furry friend the support they need to be themselves.

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  • Walking, going up stairs, and jumping… they may be the same animal inside, but sometimes pain and immobility can change our relationships with our pets. Luckily, hemp oil has been recently discovered to be a potent reducer of inflammation within pets, interrupting their inflammatory response and reducing inflammatory messaging molecules.

    Formulated by life-long Veterinarian Dr. Stephen M Katz, this Therabis proprietary formula is the result of more than a decade of testing and refinement. Beyond full-spectrum hemp oil, this formulation has evolved to include other proven companion ingredients for joint health, like green-lipped mussel, that work in combination to combat inflammation while supporting your pet’s natural joint repair mechanisms.

  • Key Ingredients

    • Green Lipped Mussel: Full of inflammation-reducing Omega-3 fatty acids, proven to support healthy joints, ligaments, and tendons in animals
    • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil: Activates animal’s endo-cannabinoid helping them naturally control their inflammatory response
    • Hemp Powder: A complete protein that may help fill any nutritional gaps in your pet’s diet, including GLA (gamma linolenic acid) a fatty acid proven to reduce inflammation 
    • Chromium + Vitamin C: Likely helps animals regulate blood sugar, keep off weight, and prevent cataracts

    About The Brand
    Therabis CBD LogoTherabis offers easy-to-use daily supplements for pets powered by proprietary all-natural formulas. Their founder, Dr. Stephen M. Katz, has quite the resume to boot, which includes the establishment of the nation’s largest pitbull practice to his 25 years of veterinary experience. "Over the ten-year course of the formula’s development, I really had no intention of commercializing it. I was just doing it as a service to my clients."