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About Us

This all started when our mom was in pain.

Our journey with Health Pack started when our own mother was experiencing ongoing pain from a previous injury. As an active woman, she’s always up and moving, so when the pain started to slow her down, we knew we had to do something.

We wanted to help, and CBD appeared to be a promising option, but our mother was very cautious. Our dive into the research resulted in us testing nearly a dozen different kinds of CBD until we found what worked best for her body. When examining each product, we had many unanswered questions about consumption methods, proper dosing, and how to track the results.

After this experience, we thought there has to be an easier way to find high-quality and proven CBD products at an affordable price, so we created Health Pack.

Our goal is simple: to empower our customers with self-knowledge. We want to put healing back in your hands.

-Matt and Ron GIllespie, Founders of Health Pack