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Ojai Energetics

Full-Spectrum Water Soluble Hemp Elixir

High potency and rapidly absorbed for an unmistakable effect.

Patent pending water encapsulated delivery system allows for more cannabinoids to enter your system, meaning faster and stronger relief.

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  • This fast-acting hemp elixir often provides benefits in as little as 30 seconds thanks to Ojai’s proprietary colloidal extraction method, producing an extract with bio-availability up to 20x greater than conventional hemp oil.

    That means a single bottle of 250mg Ojai Hemp Elixir has the same potential effect as 5000mg of conventional hemp oil.

    Where as most water-soluble CBD is made from isolated CBD crystals, Ojai seems to have broken the holy grail of hemp processing, producing a fully water-soluble product while maintaining the other minor phyto-cannabinoids like CBC and CBN, essential to the "entourage effect".

    This elixir is also made entirely with certified organic ingredients and incorporates natural extracts from moringa (a rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium) and acerola cherry (an Amazonian super food loaded with Vitamin C) for a powerful collective effect.
  • Ingredients:
    • Organic Full- Spectrum Water-Soluble Hemp Extract
    • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
    • Organic Moringa Extract
    • Organic Acerola Cherry

    About The Brand
    Ojai Energetics CBD LogoOjai Energetics is a CBD producer based in Ojai, California, offering a focused line of high-potency products. Because of their patent-pending nano water-encapsulated extraction process, Ojai’s CBD products have a reputation for their high bio-availability, resulting in fast-acting relief. Ojai is committed to regenerative farming practices and using only certified organic ingredients within all of their products.