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Select CBD

Essential Oil Vapor Pen

Fast-acting vaporizers formulated with naturally extracted essential oils for an unmistakable CBD experience.
The pre-charged ceramic heating element and glueless construction keep the vapor pure and free of heavy metals or contaminates.


  • Each pen is formulated with a key essential oil to provide a unique and tailored experience. Manufactured with organic Japanese cotton and a ceramic heating element, the pen’s construction eliminates the need for glue, which has been known to leak into the vapor.

    Relax - Lavender oil to soothe and promote calm and tranquility

    Revive - Lemon and Grapefruit oil to revitalize and restore inner balance

    Focus - Peppermint oil stimulate and inspire peace and clarity
  • Ingredients:
    • Hemp-Derived CBD Extract
    • Natural Essences
    • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

    About The Brand
    Oregon-based Select CBD is an industry-leading brand started in 2014, with a mission to make an impact and improve the way people relate to cannabis. Their products pair CBD with essential oils and herbs to deliver supreme flavor and premium experiences. All Select products undergo extensive quality testing, the results marked on every box.

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